About Christine McGuire

Christine McGuire, principal of McGuire Consulting, is an experienced and networked human resources executive with more than 20 years of success in her industry. She has held senior positions with leading hospitals and her broad experience spans human resource management, business and service line development, strategic planning, contracting, physician relations and recruitment.

She has worked directly with CEOs, executive teams, physicians and care givers providing strategic direction throughout two decades of change in the healthcare industry. She has helped her employers, and now her clients, carve out new opportunities to stay competitive, even in the most tumultuous of markets.

Christine’s extensive experience in recruitment includes long-terms assignments with two national, retained executive search firm clients focused exclusively in health care. She has successfully identified CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CNOs, and other senior executives and physician leaders for hospitals, health systems, health plans, physician groups and other organizations.

Fueled by a passion for medicine, Christine volunteers as a patient navigator and participates in a number of professional associations. She is on the board of directors for The Opportunity House and is actively involved with Mending Kids International as well as other non-profit organizations securing life-saving treatment for children around the world.

McGuire Consulting provides on-call HR solutions. When you need us, McGuire steps in to resolve even your most complex HR issues through innovation, solid strategy and careful relationship management. Our results-oriented, experienced HR professionals provide unique solutions for your specific challenges. We develop HR processes and teams, we problem-solve and we drive initiatives forward until success is achieved.

We see the big picture

In addition to McGuire’s many years of proven HR expertise, we also provide first-hand experience in a number of senior-level disciplines, ranging from administration to strategic planning to public affairs. Because of this knowledge, we understand that HR issues have implications that reach throughout an organization, and even into your external market. McGuire employs big-picture thinking in all that we do, which makes us an investment in far reaching and sustainable solutions for your organization.


We manage the relationships

McGuire does not shy away from diverse or even contentious teams. By careful relationship-management and attention to the unique culture of an organization, we build trust and garner buy-in at all levels, from executives and physicians to front line employees,


We focus on the details
McGuire carefully manages the details of your project or program and effectively communicates with all stake holders. This ensures the entire team maintains a laser focus on the project objectives, budget, and timeline.